4 lessons from world’s most unique CVs

If there’s one thing any CV must do, it’s to capture the attention of the recruiter. And that’s what a group of creative individuals sought to do as they produced some highly unusual CVs. From milk cartons, chocolate bars to interactive games, they certainly took the phrase ‘thinking outside the box’ to another level.

But for sheer entertainment factor, the prize has to go to another individual Elski Felson. Frustrated after submitting hundreds of online applications, he saw an opportunity to work for Snapchat and embarked on a very different approach; promoting himself via a Snapchat Story. His evidence of strong writing skills is priceless. Apparently he’s still waiting to hear back from Snapchat, but with 300,000 views on Reddit, who knows what the future willl hold.

Humour aside, I think there are 4 very important lessons any job hunter can take from these inspiring approaches:

  1. Focus on your chosen industry – what these job seekers demonstrated was an understanding of the industry they want to work in, choosing styles that would appeal. Okay, so maybe Super Mario Bros might not go down well with every company, but whether it’s creative, professional services or scientific based jobs, keep the organisation and industry in mind.
  2. Choosing a format that works for YOU – one of the creatives, designer Jenny Johns, made a crucial point when she felt a board game would be the best way to tell her story. The dilemma students often face is what format to choose – should the focus be on transferable skills, relevant education or experience? It all depends; the important thing to remember is which approach would prove you are the ideal candidate.
  3. Showcase your unique talents – it’s not enough to say you have the skills and experience required. Maybe hundreds of other candidates do as well. Why would a recruiter interview you above anyone else? What sets you apart from the competition? Look at your achievements and make sure you offer something unique.
  4. Less is more – the last thing you want is for the employer to feel they are reading an epic novel. Two pages is usually the standard length, although some industries may favour one page. But be ruthless about content and prioritising information is key. And certainly don’t compromise on the relevant points that could win an employer over.

And of course, if you feel inspired by Elski Felson, bringing a smile to the recruiter’s face is an added bonus!

What are your top tips for creating a winning CV?

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