New projects, learning and life since the last blog post

I admit it has been a ridiculously long time since I last blogged, but I can assure you I’ve not been on an exotic island chilling or anything!

It has been a fairly busy time for me what with taking up a new qualification alongside my work, other writing projects, and at the same time trying to maintain energy levels given it is Ramadan, and like millions of Muslims, have been fasting in the sweltering heat that’s hit the UK.

I’ve always loved reading and learning, but studying after nearly 15 years is proving to be a challenge! But as ever I am sure I will adapt very quickly. Maintaining our skills, knowledge and expertise is vital if we want to be able to compete in this fast changing world of work. Interesting to note, that the Guardian recently wrote about the top 5 skills that every graduate should have, and one is to never stop learning. I would definitely agree with that.

On the subject of learning and development, we all know that mentoring is a key tool for gaining new skills and insights, and this week I wrote a piece about it as part of an exciting collaboration with the Islamic finance recruitment & knowledge consultancy, Simply Sharia. You can read my article here on Mentoring For Nurturing Islamic Finance Talent.

So assignments, guest blogging, being lead careers blogger at work, and a writing project for AGCAS, the graduate careers service professional body, is certainly keeping me busy, but I’ll be back with more exciting articles, news and topics. Watch this space!

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