What Great British Bake Off taught us about success

I don’t think there were many dry eyes in living rooms across the UK on Wednesday night, and that included my own!

More than 13 million people were fixed to their screens for the most- watched TV show this year – the BBC’s Great British Bake Off Final. And what an ending as the brilliant Nadiya Hussain, who captured the nation’s hearts, was crowned the winner in a tense and nail biting moment.

Aside from her ability to create a perfect mille feuille and a stunning wedding cake, there was something magical about Nadiya. People from all backgrounds, walks of life, positions in society, felt this connection with her. Somehow we could relate to her.

And who couldn’t feel total inspiration, when through her tears and emotions, she uttered what will become the ultimate motivational speech for years to come:

‘I’m never going to put boundaries on myself ever again. I’m never going to say “I can’t do it.” I’m never going to say “maybe.” I’m never going to say “I don’t think I can.” I CAN AND I WILL.’

For me, Nadiya was more than just a culinary genius. Her victory and response showed us what it takes to achieve your dreams and three key ingredients for personal and professional success:

Moral and practical support: Nadiya admitted it took 2 years for her to enter the competition, lacking the confidence to do so. But her husband convinced her she had what it takes. We all need that someone to believe in us, and give us the initial encouragement to pursue our ambitions. Having a supportive family definitely makes a difference, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have this. So that’s when we need to look elsewhere; friends, an adviser, mentor or fellow colleague. Someone who will invest their time in us.

Self – belief: It’s all very well having support from others, but it becomes meaningless if we constantly put ourselves down, doubt our efforts and have a negative outlook. Although Nadiya may not have had that self – belief to begin with, she has certainly got to a position where nothing can stop her now. Set backs and failures will happen in our journey to success, but we need to constantly tell ourselves we can overcome any obstacles.

Hard work: we can have all the faith and help in the world, but ultimately, we need to put in the time and effort ourselves. Nothing comes easy as we can see from the examples of some of the world’s most successful people, and of course Nadiya’s journey. People often say we can take short cuts to success, there are easy routes. Maybe, but the sweetest victory will come from struggles, sacrifice and knowing you absolutely put in 100%.

Let’s hope Nadiya’s story continues to inspire others for years to come. I have no doubt we will see many like her in the future.

25 thoughts on “What Great British Bake Off taught us about success

  1. sometimes we limit our own capabilities because we’re scared of failure. We tell ourselves that if we accept that we’re not capable of something, it might hurt less when we actually fail. And then bam!! we succeed and nothing can stop us anymore !!

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  2. ”Those voices in our heads that we give permission to dwell for like forever”; unfortunately I see people experiencing this all the time, But with courage, determination and support, self confidence begins to rear its head and the voices quietened.


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