Resilience, skills and employability through the ‘China experience’

For anyone looking to enrich their university education and gain a unique set of skills and experiences, China is definitely a place to visit. China’s global education and economic influence is still continuing; it dominates the list of leading universities in the developing world, and it’s strategic importance for UK companies is well illustrated with the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative;Continue reading “Resilience, skills and employability through the ‘China experience’”

I’m a confused soon to be graduate.. get me out of here!

Just for the record, I’ve never watched the reality show, ‘I’m a Celebrity…. Get Me Out Of Here!’ in case anyone wondered about my taste in TV programmes. But it did strike me as an appropriate phrase to maybe sum up how many of you may be feeling right now as you approach the endContinue reading “I’m a confused soon to be graduate.. get me out of here!”

Rethinking language learning and careers

Up until the age of 18, I had the experience of learning four different foreign languages: two within the home, and two at school. When I look back, I had my challenges with each one. Bangla is my ethnic language, but growing up, I was anything but fluent. Unlike many British-born Asians, I spoke English with myContinue reading “Rethinking language learning and careers”

5 common questions for going global

In my role as an international careers professional, I’ve been on a fascinating journey (so to speak) to explore the different benefits, opportunities and often challenges facing students and graduates looking for a global experience. When we talk about enriching the student experience, it’s widely accepted that going abroad – whether through study or workContinue reading “5 common questions for going global”